The story behind Brewer's Secret

The Brewer´s Secret is a secret shared by two people and two people only. The owner and the brew master. It is a recipe for a brew. A very secret and unique brew. The Brewer´s Secret allows us to explore ways of brewing previously unused. It makes us utilize the very outmost of our knowledge. It challenges our senses. Battles the taste buds. The recipe is filed nowhere. Once it is used, it will be destroyed and never produced again.

The owner and the brew master decide what type of beer they want to produce under the Brewers Secret label. Only these two people know the inner secrets of the specific brew. Only these two people can decide what goes into the brew. Inspired by the surroundings, in and around the brewery itself. No rules apply when it comes to getting the right idea or ingredients for the next brew. Unseen perhaps. Unused probably. Until now…

Taste is one of our senses, which can be corrupted by our sense of sight. This is why you will not find any information about the brew anywhere. It's a true secret, until you open the bottle and let the taste and the aroma engulf your senses.

The only rules that apply to the Brewers Secret label are as follows:

• Rule one: There are no rules!

• Only the brew master and the owner shall know the recipe and the production method.

• Each beer will only be produced once, after which the recipe is destroyed, never to be duplicated or reproduced again.

• No information in regards to taste, smell or ingredients are given in advance.

Make up your own mind. Let your senses guide you and trust them to make the right decision. Don't be dictated by others. Its time to take back the control of your own senses and let our secret surprise you. A secret filled with years of experience, craftsmanship and respect.

Once brewed. Never repeated. Always remembered!

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