The story behind Brewer's Secret

The Brewer´s Secret is a secret shared by two people and two people only. The owner and the brew master. It is a recipe for a brew. A very secret and unique brew. The Brewer´s Secret allows us to explore ways of brewing previously unused. It makes us utilize the very outmost of our knowledge. It challenges our senses. Battles the taste buds. The recipe is filed nowhere. Once it is used, it will be destroyed and never produced again.

The owner and the brew master decide what type of beer they want to produce under the Brewers Secret label. Only these two people know the inner secrets of the specific brew. Only these two people can decide what goes into the brew. Inspired by the surroundings, in and around the brewery itself. No rules apply when it comes to getting the right idea or ingredients for the next brew. Unseen perhaps. Unused probably. Until now…

Taste is one of our senses, which can be corrupted by our sense of sight. This is why you will not find any information about the brew anywhere. It's a true secret, until you open the bottle and let the taste and the aroma engulf your senses.

The only rules that apply to the Brewers Secret label are as follows:

• Rule one: There are no rules!

• Only the brew master and the owner shall know the recipe and the production method.

• Each beer will only be produced once, after which the recipe is destroyed, never to be duplicated or reproduced again.

• No information in regards to taste, smell or ingredients are given in advance.

Make up your own mind. Let your senses guide you and trust them to make the right decision. Don't be dictated by others. Its time to take back the control of your own senses and let our secret surprise you. A secret filled with years of experience, craftsmanship and respect.

Once brewed. Never repeated. Always remembered!

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Brewers Secret IV

The time has come for the fourth chapter in the Brewer’s Secret universe. Just like the former secrets, this one is created for those who are looking for an extraordinary experience but won’t compromise on high drinkability and smoothness as deciding factors. Only the Brew Master and the owner know the full process behind these secret beers, and this new member of the Brewers Secret family is no exception.

The Brewers Secret IV is a result of the Brew Masters interpretation of the old Bavarian Weizen (Doppel)bock.

It takes a great deal of patience to achieve such a well-balanced and complex beer. A long and slow fermentation over months was required to reach the high, but not over powering alcohol volume.

After several months in cold storage when the Brew Master and owner were completely satisfied, it was bottled in the characteristic tailored Krenkerup bottle, with it’s very unique and special label design.

Brewers Secret IV has been brewed using the very high-quality home grown Krenkerup malting barley and the finest German hops sourced from selected growers.

The Aromas are fruity with banana and rum notes. It’s a full-bodied and complex beer with weak notes of clove and Cocoa and with loads of malty notes, prunes, overripe sweet banana and rum.

A secret process/ingredient were added to the brew, adding typical woody notes of untoasted oak casks and smooth tannins which also gives the beer a tiny vinous touch.

You immediately feel a warmth in your body - with its 9,5 % this is a beer you drink with respect and a great deal of enjoyment.

Brewers Secret IV is a beer out of this world. This is an extraordinary and high-quality beer and once this Secret is gone, it is gone. We only make a single batch of each Brewers Secret before discarding the recipe never to be copied or used again. Our Brewers Secret beers are one off, limited editions. No replicas, No reissues…

Brewers Secret III

Our Brewers Secret is a well-kept one. Only the Brew Master and the Owner know the process behind the secret beers. Normally brewed at night to avoid any prying eyes, the two men put their pan into action and brew what later will become a member of the Brewers Secret family.

With no restrictions in regards to our normal brewing process, based on the German Purity law, the gloves are off and anything goes. Our Brewers Secret III is an unusual beer for Krenkerup Brewery to make. It is very far from our normal line up of beers, but never the less another member of the family. However, brief that might be, as we only make a single brew of each Brewers Secret before discarding the recipe never to be copied or used again. Our Brewers Secret beers are one off, limited editions. Once they are gone they are gone.

The Brewers Secret III is very unusual indeed. The ingredients are not usually associated with beer production and for us this beer is extreme in both taste and production method. After some serious head scratching Brew Master Constantin embarked on the journey to make the brewery’s first sour beer inspired by the old Leipziger Gose tradition.

Not only did he produce his own lactic acid bacteria using our high-quality malt as a base, but we also looked for that special differentiator which could take the beer to the next level. We found it on the small island of Læsø outside the coast of northern Jutland. Læsø is world known for their special sea salt, which still is produced today using ancient methods.

The salt and the sourness are both combined into a very smooth drinking experience by adding coriander seeds which give the beer its final touch. The salt balances the acidity, and simultaneously acts as a catalyst for the coriander. The small coriander seeds are gently crushed and added to the boil leaving a fresh and fruity aroma.

With its 6,5 % alcohol Brewers Secret III is a unique beer, but with an unusual high drinkability and smoothness which one would never expect from something so extreme. Enjoy Brewers Secret III for light dishes spring and summer and serve it at a temperature of at least 10 degrees.

Brewers Secret II

This is the second chapter in the Brewer’s Secret universe. Just like our first secret, this one is created with people who are looking for extraordinary experiences, in mind.

Surrender your senses and trust our Craftsmanship. As a reward, you will taste a Brewer’s Secret Trappist out of this world.

This Trappist inspired beer with its 10,5 % alcohol is in perfect harmony with the four elements: water, air, soil and fire. This direct link to nature is the only way our Brew Master believes we can achieve perfect beer.

Simply by working together with nature and respecting her way of doing things - just as the monks did back in the old days.

With that in mind, you will understand why this time around our Secret has been stored in oak casks for months on end.

The oak casks have their own unique story coming from world-renowned Danish cherry wine producer Mr. Harald Krabbe.

Storage on these beautiful oak casks adds a subtle cherry flavor and personality in a natural way, which brings you a sensational warm feeling in your body when you enjoy the beer.

The sweetness from the barley, the alcohol and fruity notes from the yeast, the vanilla and many complexes flavor from the cherry soaked oak casks and our soft Krenkerup water represents Mother Earth at her finest, giving you her best in this unique beer.

Brewers Secret I

Our first Brewers Secret is the brainchild of the owner, who wanted to combine the rural surroundings with the hi-tech brewery situated in the old grain barn. What better way to do this than brewing a 11% alc. Pilsner with the help of sugar made from Danish sugar beet. Of which Krenkerup estate is the biggest single producer of in Denmark. The fact that the Pilsner type beer normally has 4,7% alc. makes this Brewers Secret Pilsner truly unique with its high alc. % but still fresh Pilsner body and clear looks.

Brewers Secret number I, has been produced using the finest malts made from high quality Krenkerup malting barley. Malted to perfection in Germany, the malt is then returned to Krenkerup Brewery, where it is mixed together with the pure white Danish sugar beet sugar.

Producing a 11% alc. Pilsner is not something that can be done in a hurry. Our Brew Master made sure that the beer was given the time it needed to be ready. Only after 3-4 weeks of slow fermentation and another 4 months of storage, the Brewers Secret I was ready. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to producing extraordinary and high quality beers.